Acoustic Soundproof Foam For Professional Studio Or Indoor Auditorium


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Product Full Description

Acoustic Soundproof foam in Bangladesh

If you are a YouTuber or if you wish to set up a Studio with Soundproof, then this is the best affordable and professional solution to get the best performance. This Soundproof Foam will provide an increased surface area, giving you better sound absorption performance. 

Acoustic Foam Panels are manufactured from acoustic grade polyurethane foam. The effectiveness of an acoustic foam panel is determined by its ability to absorb nuisance sound waves across the frequency spectrum. Convoluted egg-crate designs are used because they increase the panel’s available surface area, which in turn increases the likelihood that echoes and reverberation are absorbed.

Soundproof Foam in BD

Not only does this improve the sound quality inside a treated room, but it also keeps outside noise from getting in, and vice versa.

Our convoluted foam panels are one of our most affordable soundproofing options for all studio or indoor auditorium. Use them to acoustically treat a professional or home recording studio, rehearsal space or home theater room. They are also useful for soundproofing noisy industrial plants, machine enclosures, medical facilities, and other spaces.

Acoustic Soundproof Foam in BD

Key Features:

  • Improving sound absorption by reducing echo and reverberation
  • Very Effective for Canceling outside noise
  • Cost-Effective in terms of the performance
  • It can be easily relocated if attached to the cork sheet
  • The material is flexible and easy to cut and adjust your need
  • Good Sound Absorption Characteristics

Application of the Acoustic Soundproof Foam:

  • YouTube/ Audio Recording Studio
  • Theater Room
  • Indoor Auditorium
  • Hall Room
  • Meeting Room
  • Generator Room

Sound Proof Room

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